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Web browser statistics 2009, browser multi version chart

Here is page of browser statistics 2009, there are list of commonly used browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8, FireFox 3, FireFox 3.5, Opera 9, Opera 10, Safari 4, Chrome 3, Chrome 4. As you can see FireFox 3.5 become most usable then other browsers, but IE6+IE7+IE8 > FF3 + FF3.5. Chorme 4 become very popular and it's using like FireFox 3.5 and more then any InternetExplorer.
Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google that uses the WebKit layout engine and application framework. It was first released on 2 September 2008 as beta, and the public version on 11 December 2008. Browser statistics november 2009 showing that chorme use increasing very fast, and it will be one of third most usable browsers of internet. Google Chrome aims to improve security, speed, and stability. There are extensive differences from its peers in Chrome's minimalistic user interface, which is atypical of modern web browsers.
Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is a version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser released in June 2009, adding a variety of new features to Firefox. Firefox is multi platform solution, version 3.5 was touted as being twice as fast as 3.0.

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