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Web browser statistics version, browser statistics month by month

This is page of web browser statistics version breakdown. Here you can find chart with most list of most usable browsers of internet. This is most popular browser statistics because this data make possible to complane dynamic of different versions of same browser usage.
Fire Fox. FF3 was the most usable version of FF until August of 2009, FF 3.5 take leadership starting from September 2009. Looking to statistics of last month of 2009 (Dec/2009) possible to see that FireFox 3.5 more usable the FF 3 up to three times.
Internet Explorer. IE 6 was the same usable as IE 7 during first part of 2009, it is possible to see that some users that use IE 7 become to use IE 8 on second part of 2009. IE7+IE8 is most usable then IE6, but lost of users continue to use old version, but IE8 usage going up very fast.
Chrome. Chrome 3 is much more popular then Chrome 4, starting from second part of 2009 chrome browser usage become much bigger then before. Users moving from Chrome 3 to Chrome 4 but very-very slow, it is possible that chrome 3 will more usable during all fist part of 2010.
Here is browser statistics month by month, statistic per year also available but on different page.

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