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Stats at My-Addr Project

This part of My-Addr Project started 2010-01-10. It contain some statistics data about my-addr's visitors. Data is available starting from 2009 year. Feeadback:.
First of all we create pages where user can find some browsers and platforms (os) usage statistics - it will helpful for webmasters, coders and web developers. Different browsers it's common headache for web industry because html code and javascript working different on different browsers, that is why create of well designed site taking twice more time and sources.

Year 2090

The commonly used browsers are: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome. Browsers usage are different per month are very different, but it is easy to see that Chrome is much less popular than IE and FireFox. IE more popular then FireFox, it's take about 7-10% of users, but there are some months where FireFox the most usable.

The most popular operation system is WindowsXP - it is commonly used on PC with low and middle perfomance class. WindowsVista is second after WinXP, because most part of new PC going to sale with already installed OS. And the third is new deployment of Microsoft - Windows 7, it is faster then XP and Vista, that is why it become more and more popular month by month.